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Feed-in-Tariff drops to 4.39 pence

New Feed-in-Tariff

The Feed-in-Tariff rate of 12.5 pence per kWh for 20 years (tax free and inflation adjusted) is still valid for installations completed in 2015. From 2016 the rate is expected to drop towards 4.39 pence. (more...)

Price of solar

Price of solar

Solar panel prices dropped two-thirds since early 2011. A 4kWp system (16 solar panels) that used to cost £15.000 is currently available from £5.000. On a South-facing roof these panels will pay back about £860 per year, which is a return of 17% on the purchase price. (more...)

Your own roof

Your own roof

How many panels fit on my roof? Use our Google maps tool to select your roof and calculate your solar potential. All solar panel systems shown fit your roof, and financial calculations are unique for your house. Quickly check if solar works well on your home. (more...)

Phone help

Phone help

Questions about solar? Selecting the best solar panel system and installer can be very difficult and confusing. We have talked to 100's of consumers about going solar. Get our advice about your personal top three quotes. Call 0800 6123 303 or leave your details. (more...)