(updated april 12, 2023)
CompareMySolar is a comparison website for solar panels of local installers, which can be found on www.comparemysolar.co.uk as well as through implementations of the CompareMySolar solar panel comparison or the websites of Affiliate(s). Personal information from CompareMySolar visitors is carefully handled and secured. CompareMySolar adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Capture, process and delete data
When you submit a quotation request for solar panels on one of the CompareMySolar websites, you will be asked to provide the following personal details: home address, name, e-mail address and telephone number. The data you provide will come under the responsibility of CompareMySolar. Your details will be forwarded with your permission by CompareMySolar to the selected solar panel installers for the processing of the quotation request and, if applicable, the relevant CompareMySolar Affiliate for information and offers about their products and services.
CompareMySolar uses your data for making telephone calls about the quotation request, sending information about the quotation request and a newsletter about solar panels, and sending a request for feedback about the solar panels installers you have selected. If you do not appreciate information from CompareMySolar, you can indicate this via the e-mail address info@comparemysolar.co.uk.
Customer details including name, address, email and phone number will be exclusively and securely sent to Leads 2 Trade Limited. Customers consent to receiving a phone call from Leads 2 Trade and be connected to a maximum of 4 solar installation companies for a detailed quote.
CompareMySolar saves your data no longer than necessary, with a maximum of 2 years. Your data can only be viewed within this timeframe by the two employees of CompareMySolar and the Solar Panels Installers where you have chosen to request a quote. The period of 2 years is used because it can reasonably be expected that every request for quotation is handled within that period.
Click behavior, use of cookies and links to websites
The websites of CompareMySolar make use of functional cookies that are strictly necessary for the service in the provision of their services and therefore no cookie notification is required. The cookie creates a php session that ensures that your data is included on different pages within CompareMySolar. A registered person who does not accept cookies only has limited access to the site in question. No tracking cookies are used.
The websites of CompareMySolar contain hyperlinks to other websites. The websites of CompareMySolar are not responsible for the content or privacy policy of websites referred to.
Changes and Questions
CompareMySolar reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement. Therefore, check the privacy statement regularly for possible adjustments. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact the CompareMySolar via the e-mail address info@comparemysolar.co.uk.