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Best Solar Panels for Your Home – Compare Prices, Efficiency and Brands Online!


How to find the Best Solar Panels?

Enter your postcode in the box above and instantly compare the best solar panels from local solar installers. Optionally select your own roof on Google Maps to refine the results for your own roof. You will see an overview of solar panel installers and systems, and can filter your 'best' solar panels by efficiency, brand or price:

  • Best solar panels have a reliable warranty and give the highest electricity output at the lowest price
  • High efficiency panels (18–20%) do generate more electricity per square meter, but their price often increases faster than the output. High efficiency panels are advised for a small roof
  • Medium efficiency panels (14–16%) are often a better choice. They are good value for money, but pay attention to the warranty terms (e.g. 80% output guaranteed after 25 years)
  • Solar panel warranty is only reliable if it can actually be used in 25 years. We advise to search for panels from larger companies (e.g. Sharp, Sanyo, Yingli, BP solar) that will be around in 2035.

CompareMySolar lets you find your ’Best’ solar panel through filters on efficiency, price, output and brand. We make comparing solar quick and easy, so get started now!


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CompareMySolar - Select your roof on the map and see your solar panel potential

Compare Solar Panels with CompareMySolar – all online, quick and easy.