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Buy Solar Panels – Compare Prices Online for the Best Deal!


How to buy solar panels and get the best deal?

Enter your postcode in the box above and instantly compare solar panels from local solar installers. Optionally select your own roof on Google Maps to refine the results for your own roof. You will see a detailed price overview of solar panel systems from local installers, and can search for your best deal. Some tips when you intend to buy solar panels:

  • Learn about solar panels and the new UK Feed–In–Tariff
  • All our prices are based on the new 21p Feed-in-Tariff
  • Focus on your home and the solar potential of your own roof
  • Compare solar panels based on total price versus power output
  • Choose local installers with good experience and reputation

What to watch out for when buying solar panels?

  • Compare apples with apples, calculations rely on assumptions
  • Warranty requires the manufacturer to be around in 25 years
  • Be critical during the site visit, ask for (local) references
  • Free solar panels sound great, but buying provides better ROI

CompareMySolar lets you compare 100’s of actual solar panel prices for your own house and invite installers before you decide to buy solar panels. We make comparing solar quick and easy, so get started now!


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CompareMySolar - Select your roof on the map and see your solar panel potential

Compare Solar Panels with CompareMySolar – all online, quick and easy.