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Compare Solar Panels Online - How much can you save?


Compare solar panels with CompareMySolar

Enter your postcode in the box above and instantly compare solar panels from local solar installers. Optionally select your own roof on Google Maps to refine the results for your own roof. Go ahead, get started:

  • The only comparison website for solar panels for your home.
  • Compare solar prices, savings and ROI based on your roof.
  • Select local installers by experience, warranty, and  feedback.
  • See how you can save £1,500 in less than 5 minutes!

An example about a home that is East or West facing:

  • The roof has a ’good’ solar potential of around 85%.
  • A medium solar panel system can generate 2,750 kWh per year.
  • Total savings in year one are over £1,500 - more than 10% ROI.
  • Get started yourself and compare solar panels now!

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CompareMySolar - Select your roof on the map and see your solar panel potential

Compare Solar Panels with CompareMySolar – all online, quick and easy.