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Solar Panel Quotes from Local Installers – Compare Unique Prices For Your Roof!


Get Unique Solar Panel Quotes from CompareMySolar

Enter your postcode in the box above and instantly compare solar panels from local solar installers. Optionally select your own roof on Google Maps to refine the results for your own roof. Go ahead, get started:

  • The only comparison website for solar quotes for your home.
  • View 100+ solar panel quotes online instantly, no need to wait!
  • Quotes are unique for your own roof and from local installers.
  • Select local installers by experience, warranty, and  feedback.

Prices are managed by installers, and are calculated automatically for every possible system size that fits on your own roof. Online solar panel quotes saves solar installers a lot of time in providing quotes, hence prices on our site are the best you can get. 

Find out now what you can save on solar panels by comparing solar quotes.


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CompareMySolar - Select your roof on the map and see your solar panel potential

Compare Solar Panels with CompareMySolar – all online, quick and easy.