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Solar Panels Cost in the UK – Compare Cost and Savings from Local Installers!


How to compare Solar Panel Cost?

Enter your postcode in the orange box below and select your own roof from Google Maps.  We first calculate your solar potential, after which you'll see a detailed cost comparison overview of solar panels from local installers. Now you can find your best price solar panel system:

  • Cost of a solar panel installation roughly consist of 50% for the solar panels, 10% for the inverter and 40% for the installation
  • Solar panel cost are declining rapidly, inverter cost are currently flat in price as the global shortage from 2010 has passed
  • Installation cost are under pressure following the rapid growth from 100 UK installers towards more than 1.800 installers
  • This year (2011) is a great opportunity to go solar because all solar panel cost elements are under pressure and government incentives are still very attractive (to be lowered in 2012)

How can CompareMySolar help me reduce solar panel cost?

  • Search through 100+ real prices from local installers
  • Sort systems on total cost, cost per Wp, output or payback time
  • Set your preferred budget, system size and panel brands
  • Choose installers and request detailed quotes directly online

Find out now what you can save on solar panels by comparing solar panel cost. Enter your adress in the 'Start now!' box below.


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CompareMySolar - Select your roof on the map and see your solar panel potential

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