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Solar Panel Reviews – Search Consumer feedback on Local Solar Installers!


Solar Panel Reviews from CompareMySolar:

Enter your postcode in the orange box below and select your own roof from Google Maps.  We calculate your solar potential, after which you'll see a detailed review of solar panel quotes from local installers:

  • Experience and reputation of installers is shown on CompareMySolar to help you find qualified local installers
  • Consumer feedback ratings for each solar installer are shown, based on our customer's opninion of the site survey
  • While our ratings can be of good use in the initial selection, please be critical yourself. Don’t commit during the site visit itself, and always request further (local) references

Find your solar potential and review solar panel quotes from local installers. Enter your adress or postcode in the 'Start now!' box below.


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CompareMySolar - Select your roof on the map and see your solar panel potential

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