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Solar panels in Orkney Islands

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  • Solar Strength: 950 W/m2

    16 panels can generate 2804 kWh
  • Yearly Return: up to £ 691

    Based on 16 panels on a south facing roof
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Best solar panel prices available in Orkney Islands

2 kWp / ± 8 panels (More)

Installer Price incl. VAT Panel brand
System size
£ 4,500
Canadian Solar
2.0 kWp (8 x 250)

3 kWp / ± 12 panels (More)

Installer Price incl. VAT Panel brand
System size
£ 5,450
Canadian Solar
3.0 kWp (12 x 250)

4 kWp / ± 16 panels (More)

Installer Price incl. VAT Panel brand
System size
£ 6,400
Canadian Solar
4.0 kWp (16 x 250)

Local solar panel installers in Orkney Islands

Green Moray Renewables Ltd - solar panel installer in Orkney Islands

Green Moray Renewable..., Moray, Scotland (100.7 m)

Experience rating

Customer rating

Green Moray Renewables are SELECT registered, Scottish Building Standards registered, MCS accredited and Green Deal accredited. We have many years experience in electrical installa...

Places in Orkney Islands

Abune-the-hill, Ancumtoun, Backaland, Balfour, Beaquoy, Bimbister, Braehead, Braeswick, Breck of Cruan, Brinian, Brough, Broughton, Broughtown, Burness, Burray Village, Burroughston, Bustatoun, Cairston, Calfsound, Cleat, Clouston, Corrigall, Costa, Coubister, Cursiter, Cusbay, Dishes, Dounby, Durrisdale, Easting, Everbay, Finstown, Frotoft, Gorseness, Greenigoe, Greeny, Grimbister, Grimeston, Grobister, Guith, Hackland, Hamarhill, Hammarhill, Hatston, Heddle, Hestwall, Hillside, Hillside, Holland, Hollandstoun, Hourston, Houton, Hoy, Hurliness, Innertown, Ireland, Isbister, Isbister, Kettletoft, Kirbister, Kirbister, Kirbuster, Kirkwall, Knarston, Lady, Laminess, Lettan, Linklater, Linklet, Linksness, Longhope, Lower Whitehall, Lyness, Lythes, Marwick, Midbea, Midland, Mill of Rango, Millbounds, Mirbister, Nesstoun, Netherbrough, Newark, Newbiggings, Newgarth, Norseman, North Ness, Northdyke, Northside, Northtown, Outertown, Overbister, Petertown, Pierowall, Quatquoy, Quholm, Quoyloo, Quoyness, Quoyscottie, Rackwick, Rackwick, Rapness, Redland, Rinnigill, Ronaldsvoe, Rothiesholm, Russland, Sabiston, Saltness, Scarwell, Sellibister, Settiscarth, Skaill, Skeabrae, Skelwick, Sourin, Southerquoy, Southside, St Margaret's Hope, St Mary's, Stenness, Stromness, Swanbister, Tenston, The Barony, Tradespark, Tronston, Twatt, Upper Sanday, Veness, Voy, Wardhill, Wasbister, Westside, Whitehall Village, Whithebeir, Woodwick, Wyng, Yesnaby,