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Customer feedback

CompareMySolar asks every customer for their honest feedback on our service.
This way we keep ourselves sharp and know how we can improve ourselves further.
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Customers give on average:

4.7 / 5
(based on 161 reviews)
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- Little Thetford, Ely

"I found it one of the most useful web sites for all-round information and ease of use and highly recommend it."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Reading, Berkshire

"A very good site, used it alot to explore Solar financials."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone

"Good service"

(5/5 Sterren)
- East Grinstead, West Sussex

"See above, panels to be installed next week, so far I have nothing but praise for this supplier."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Thornton-le-Clay, York

"It would be useful to let customers know what criteia you use to chose the installers."

(4/5 Sterren)
- Winchester

"very helpfull"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Tisbury, Salisbury

"It looked as though if CompareMySolar would do a good job, but it is worrying, firstly, that Eco-Exmoor did not contact me, and secondly that the firm I decided to go with did not, from memory, appear as an option on the website. Freesource were competitve, though not the cheapest, efficient, explained in detail, did a thorough survey and delivered on time, helping with both buiding regs. and planning requirement of Wiltshire Council. I can certainly recommend them."

(4/5 Sterren)
- Coventry, West Midlands

"Compare my solar was very useful in giving indicitive quotes and installation options."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Oxford

"Very good website. Lots of info, easy to use. I like the google maps image of my roof. One of the installers said that they used that as part of their planning!"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Luton

"The site is excellent. You can measure the size of your roof using their software to get an idea of what size system you can fit. It allows detailed sorting of installers according to a wide range of personal criteria, making a decision much easier. Once I had made a choice, CompareMySolar phoned me to check my contact details were correct before passing them on to the installer. This was a pleasant surprise. I would highly recommend this site for anyone interested in making an informed decision with regards a pv installation."

(5/5 Sterren)
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