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Customer feedback

CompareMySolar asks every customer for their honest feedback on our service.
This way we keep ourselves sharp and know how we can improve ourselves further.
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Customers give on average:

4.7 / 5
(based on 161 reviews)
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- Worsley

"Was initially being used to obtain information about local prices but turned out to provide the only companies short listed for consideration and the eventual supplier."

(4/5 Sterren)
- Bishopsteignton, Devon

"Quite happy with service. Thank you"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Calmore

"Very worthwhile contacting. Person on telephone was very helpful and gave me lots of things to look out for. Thank you."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Kirkintilloch

"An excellent ewebsite which gives good comparison information , particularly actual installation costs without having to make any commitment ."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Bretton

"A handy website that does for solar panels what meerkats do for insurance. The website was easy to navigate and the information was immediately retrievable. When I received a follow-up question, the gentleman I spoke to was friendly and knowledgeable. He accommodated my every question. I would recommend them to firends and neighbours seeking to fit solar pv."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Narborough

"it worked"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Wakefield

"Brilliant Service. Recommended companies who put me straight in touch with a surveyor, rather than the more expensive group of companies who send a salesman first. Thanks"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Warrington

"The prices quoted on the website were about half what the installers quoted when they visited even though there are no significant access difficulties."

(3/5 Sterren)
- Bradford

"A good site to use to get supplier comparisons"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Northwich

"Good service. A userfeed back section would be useful. Also advice about solar inverters. Future trends would also be useful, given the technology is moving on so fast. When is the optimum time to buy with price verses payback?"

(5/5 Sterren)
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