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Customer feedback

CompareMySolar asks every customer for their honest feedback on our service.
This way we keep ourselves sharp and know how we can improve ourselves further.
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Customers give on average:

4.7 / 5
(based on 161 reviews)
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- Canvey

"Helpful at early stages of looking for installers."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Haxey, North Lincolnshire

"All of the people I met were excellent and there was no pressure. Two sent PDF info only while CTS sent hard copy too. I did think that all nflation estimates were excessive."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Egmanton, Nottinghamshire

"Very Good, They did what they said at the time they said they were going to do it! All staff very friendly and helpful indeed!"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Dewsbury, West York

"Great site - glad I used you as others I've spoken to have found it hard to find a reputable installer, you made it easy."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Morley, West Yorkshire

"Excellent site - v helpful in pulling together a number of benchmark facts without needing to contact suppliers until a shortlist"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Appledore, Devon

"discovered early on that my roof could not give optimum 4kw output."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Caerphilly

"Glad I used CompareMySolar, just need to keep your info up to date, Green Solar seem to have gone missing!"

(4/5 Sterren)
- Bath

"Very helpful at answering preliminary questions and with the selection process. We also got very good service from Freesource Energy, of Pickwick Road, Corsham, Wilts - equally good at answering questions, discussing equpiment etc; and the only thing between them and Your Power was the latter's 5% lower price."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Cornwall

"Your installers all quoted the best they could and Solartwin sent me an e-mail saying the did Pv as well and they originally installed the Solartwin water heater and thus could provide the best solution.Many thanks for your service!"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Audenshaw

"was not sure roof could take extra weight of solar panels and installers said it was my responsability to make sure it could"

(3/5 Sterren)
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