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Customer feedback

CompareMySolar asks every customer for their honest feedback on our service.
This way we keep ourselves sharp and know how we can improve ourselves further.
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Customers give on average:

4.7 / 5
(based on 161 reviews)
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- Kirkby

"Thank you for ALL your help, fully expected to be badgered but this did not happen at all. You answered all my initial questions in a clear concise way so that I understood. I'm now boring my friends with the science and wisdom of PV Solar! Let's hope I can pursuade a few to install them. Will certainly recommend you. Many thanks"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Devizes

"CompareMySolar were a great help in the advice and contacts they gave me."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Corby, Northamptonshire

"Very useful advice - especailly the telephone call I had and the guidance received about what I should expect to pay and what features to look for in a system - thank you"

(5/5 Sterren)
- High Lane

"A very useful site, it helped me a great deal with deciding what to have installed and by who. The fellow on the phone line was especially helpful. Might be useful to be able to limit potential installers to within a certain distance, but I should have considered that myself."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Rugeley, Staffordshire

"The site is excellent, allowing easy comparison between suppliers, but the roof area estimated by the image tool was incorrect (about 25% larger than is really the case)."

(4/5 Sterren)
- Abingdon, Oxfordshire

"It was very helpful, and put us onto people we would not otherwise have known about."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Caistor

"useful site , helped me to make an informed decision"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Much Wenlock, Shropshire

"Very helpful, thanks"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Lancaster

"Worked for us"

(5/5 Sterren)
- West Stow

"Has been a useful website"

(5/5 Sterren)
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