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Customer feedback

CompareMySolar asks every customer for their honest feedback on our service.
This way we keep ourselves sharp and know how we can improve ourselves further.
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Customers give on average:

4.7 / 5
(based on 161 reviews)
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- Highnam, Gloucester

"Excelent advice and price."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Ipswich, Suffolk

"It's an excellent site. I didn't buy because of conflicting advice from various surveyors about the possible impact of trees in my garden."

(4/5 Sterren)
- Fareham, Hampshire

"Useful introduction to the world of solar power. Eventual choice of supplier reflected company close to home, with recommendation from existing customer."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Georgeham, Braunton, Devon

"Really helpful site. Lets customers see if there is solar potential in their properties and probably saves installers time with preliminary enquiries."

(5/5 Sterren)
- Somerset

"have already emailed my pleasure with the service offered"

(5/5 Sterren)
- High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

"Phone call follow up after using web site was very useful"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Stafford, Staffordshire

"Hard to draw on the picture of my roof"

(3/5 Sterren)
- Rugby, Warwickshire

"Worked very well for me!"

(5/5 Sterren)
- Ealing, London

"To be perfect, would also include water panels!"

(4/5 Sterren)
- Rochdale

"Excellent site. Lots of information to make a considered decision about whether to proceed with solar panels at all, along with details of many supliers to choose from."

(5/5 Sterren)
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